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Some of the world's coolest Ferris Wheels that will take you on a ride to remember

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The Hindu

Iftar five-star style

In its third edition of serving up Ramadan delicacies, Jyran at Sofitel, creates a refined version of the flavours of Mohammad Ali Road

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Portugal on a Platter

Portugal will surprise you with the sheer variety, and quality, of its gastronomy.

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Dirty 'chai' and other stories with chef Adriano Zumbo

Australian patissier and chef Adriano Zumbo on his lifelong love affair with pastry

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The Guide to Nevada

There's more to the Silver State than the neon lights and casinos of Las Vegas

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48 Hours in Amsterdam

Charming canals, a thriving art scene, hip shopping districts, and an egalitarian culture – Amsterdam is certainly the capital of cool. Here’s how to soak it all in.

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The Guide to Porto

Historic yet trendy, cultured yet bohemian, Porto has an undeniable charm.

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Vogue India

Full Exposure

4 photographers set the perfect mood board for your next trip

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Parks & Recreation

Must visit theme parks in and around India

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A Spanish sojourn

The medieval town of Segovia is the perfect day trip from Madrid

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The Hindu

Citric notes and delicious tones

Chandon India’s new sparkling wine is perfect for the everyday

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The Hindu

One for the books

The medieval town of Óbidos in central Portugal is in the throes of a literary affair

Pasteis article

That's How the Cookie Crumbles

The Portuguese cannot do without their daily sugar fix, and it’s not limited to their famous custard tarts.